Welcome to the Hash

Welcome to the Amsterdam Hash House Harriers! Located in Europe's party capitol city... We're working hard to become Europe's Premiere Party Hash (and trust us, the competition is tough!), and the best way to make that happen is for YOU to come and join us!


We are best described as a drinking club with a running problem, steeped in crazy traditions dating back as far as 1938. Our group is usually 12-20 people strong - some of us run, and others walk. Sometimes the trail is set in advance but other times the trail is laid "live". When the trail is laid live, it's your challenge as a member of the pack to catch the "hare" if you like to run. Great fun, especially in a city like Amsterdam with its many small alleys, canals and other features that make for an interesting hound and hare chase.


After the "exercise" we have enjoy entertaining drinking, singing and social activities. Depending on the week, we may go out for dinner or more drinks elsewhere. All levels of fitness and drinking ability are welcome! See below for the details of the next run...


We meet on the First and Third Sunday of each month at 15:00 (unless otherwise stated) and more frequently during the summer. Check our calendar for actual run dates and other events, such as other local hashes, occasional out of town events and special events such as our "Drinking Practices" at local pubs and people's homes (which help us to prepare for future runs, of course).


The run fee is just €5 which pays for your beer, soft drinks, snacks - and of course - the great company of other Hashers, making our Hash some of the least expensive entertainment you can find in Amsterdam to be sure! Visitors from other Hash groups are always welcome and we love to share this unique activity with people who have never Hashed before. To learn more about the Hash, check out the ‘What's Hashing?’ section. Otherwise just turn up and see what happens!


You can also find us on Facebook. The best way to stay up-to-date with the Amsterdam H3 is to request to join our Facebook group which allows you to receive notices of upcoming Hash events. If you are not on Facebook, please bookmark our Hareline which should give you a good idea of what's on our calendar for the next few weeks.


We hope you will join us to experience Amsterdam in a way that you've never experienced it before.... WITH US!  :-)


On On!


Opee (AMS H3 Hare Raiser / Trail Master) 




Next R*n

Mark your calendar for this great opportunity to recruit new VIRGINS to the FILTH H3 and AMS H3! Boar Whore has managed to get the FILTH included as an official featured stop on the Leiden Urban Trail run that will be taking place on 23 Sep. We will show people what the Hash is and even have them run a small Hash trail. At the end of the run, we will lay a real Hash trail in hopes that some people join us for this fun after-event.

We need your support during the event! Let’s show the town of Leiden how much fun it can be to run and drink beer. :-)

Bring your own picnic supplies so we can have a nice picnic lunch after the run is done. If you don't bring something there are plenty of stores nearby where you can pick something up.

Urban Trail Support
Organizers: Boar Whore & Opee
Run #: n/a
Location: Van der Werfpark, 2311 HB, Leiden
Date: 23 Sept 2018
Time: 10AM
Bag Drop: No

Date & Time
Sun, 23/09/2018 - 10:00
Van der Werfpark
2311 HB Leiden
Boar Whore & Opee
Bag Drop?
Special Directions