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Missing Link & Excermental Earnings have rewritten history. Tulips are not from Amsterdam, but hashing is.

Next Sunday we will meet again
Hashing in Amsterdam

We’ll circle up and we will have
Down Downs in Amsterdam

We’ll check it out and try each way
ARE YOU ! in Amsterdam

. First a false trail,
.. Now a back check,
… Where’s the beer stop,
…. Are we on yet?

So when we meet again,
It will be ON ON ! in Amsterdam

We were not allowed to hash together for a long while because of the corona thing, but we are opening up again with a few adjustments.

It is not over yet, we are in the middle of the second wave. Please bring your own (personalised) drinking vessel, your own (personalised) snacks and respect the (personalised) 1.5 meter.

Registration for Dutch Nash Hash in October 2020 is open. SeventyThree are registered: There is room for 95*. Your rego is accepted when we have received your dough. 21 registrants have not paid yet and there are 22* places left.

*Because of Corona restrictions, we might not be allowed to use full capacity of the venue. Date and time of payment is leading

Our Specials

s x

Dutch Specials in 2021

All depending on Corona of course

Amsterdam Lights + Erwtensoep
The HagueRobby Burns
Brabant13-14 FeburaryTilburg Carnaval
The HagueKingsDay
Brabant – 25th July – Kermis-Hash-Sunday
AmsterdamGay for a Day
FILTHBoaty McBoat



FaceBook is great for some casual display of photos, but we realize that not everybody likes FB or has an account. Therefore, the good quality stuff that really grasps the Spirit of Hashing are shown here, organized by year and carefully selected by our Lead Hash Flash Tuna Melt. Contact her if you have shareable moments you would like us to include. While there’s no download button, you can save any of the photos by right-clicking on them as you scroll through.

Don’t worry, these pages are not visible for ordinary decent mortals. If you are a wanker that has done a hash with us, you can register here and wait for some authoritarian wanker to grant you access. Watch your email inbox for further instructions. Tip: ask your browser to remember you and also save the password somewhere, as you will need that anytime you log-in on another device.

About Us

Amsterdam Hash House Harriers (AH3) is one of the nearly 2,000 hash ‘kennels’ around the world. Hope you’re not disappointed, but ‘hashing’ has nothing to do with Amsterdam’s infamous “coffeeshops.” We are with non-drinkers and walkers always welcome. If combining running and socializing with people who don’t take themselves too seriously and exploring different parts of the city or countryside sounds like fun to you, please join us on an upcoming run.

The hash started in 1938 in Kuala Lumpur when a group of British expats converted a children’s game called Hares and Hounds into an adult running game, otherwise known as a paper chase (if you are Dutch, think speurtocht). After running, they would eat and drink at their local ‘Hash House’. In other words, their purpose was to build up a good thirst, and then to satisfy it. You can read the history of the hash at http://harrier.net/presskit/history

The rules of the hash are simple: there are none. The hares set the trail at a location of their choice, either a few hours or the day before (a dead lay) or just a few minutes before the hash starts (a live lay). The pack tries to follow the trail, solving the various checks (intersections where the trail could go in many directions) along the way and often stopping for a drink stop part way through. The hares use various markings on the trail to direct the pack where to go, most often using chalk or flour. 

AH3 welcomes runners of all abilities. A runner’ trail tends to be 7-10K long, but it is not a race, it is a game. Slower runners have frequent opportunities for breaks as the faster runners solve the checks, or you can switch to the walkers trail whenever you want. We also welcome walkers. Some hares lay proper walkers’ trails with checks for them to solve as well, while others offer maps with a shortcut to the drink stop.

A hash trail is like a treasure hunt for beer as there will always be beer and snacks at the On-In, the end point of the trail. There will also be a circle, a ceremony where we sing hash songs (not for those easily offended) to thank the hares, welcome visitors and recognize craziness on trail.

we also like to host themed runs with costumes several times per year as well as an occasional weekend long event. It’s all about getting outside and having fun!

Some History by WebFucker
A Drinkers’ Guide to Running the World on CNN
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