Tilburg Carnaval Hash & Pyama Party

It's that time of year... Carnival in Tilburg!

In which we once again pack like a pile of kittens into Pink Panter's apartment, wear green and orange and scare the fine residents of Tilburg.

Read all about it and then sign up here: https://www.haguehash.nl/carnaval

BE SURE to RSVP and specify if you will be: just running, having food after, staying over, having breakfast, or some combination of these.

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
02 Mar - 16:00
Just The Tip and Pink Panter


Chez Pink Panter
Anna Paulownahof 161
5038V tilburg
Bag Drop: 
Special Directions: 

Be sure to RSVP!