More Milestones = More Excuses to Hash

In 1989, while little Just Abbie was planning her 10th birthday party in Canada, thousands of miles away in sunny California, young Just James was going to his first hash in hopes of getting laid. Just Abbie had no idea that she would eventually transform into Excremental Earnings and Just James had no idea that his entire life would change when he became a hasher.

Many years later their paths crossed and now they're inviting you to help them celebrate their major milestones. Please join us as Excremental Earnings turns 40 and Opee celebrates his 30th Hashiversary.

======== Details ========
Hare away: 15:00
Hash cash: €5

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
17 Nov - 14:45


Lijnbaansgracht 373A
1017 XB Amsterdam
Bag Drop: