FILTH #142: A Christmas Cold Moon

To the Deborean Clan, the Cold Moon is associated with staying in your cosy home beside a crackling fireplace, surrounded not just by physical warmth, but also the warmth of family and friends. Pagans consider this the perfect time to open up your home and provide warmth to those you love, as well as to those who are most vulnerable to the cold of winter. Which is what our Hare will be doing on December 22nd. Bring a stocking to hang up by the fire and see if Santa drops anything in whilst trail takes you around the local area and through the local Christmas Market.

The Celts call it the Elder Moon. Elder is fragile and easily damaged, but it’s also full of vitality and recovers very quickly. As the Elder Moon shines upon you, allow yourself to rest and heal from everything that has hurt you over the year, or just what happened on trail, and focus instead on new beginnings and promising areas of growth. This is an excellent time to start planning your New Year’s resolutions and set exciting new goals for the upcoming year.


Date: 22 Dec
Time: 18:00
Hare: Slippery Edge
Location: Chez Edge
Address: Nicolaas Maesstraat 130, 1071 RH Amsterdam
Run Fee: €5.00
RSVP: Please, either using Facebook or to ra [at]
Theme: Christmas - Dress in your best Santa outfit
Bag Drop: Yes
Bring A Stocking (Hash Sock) to hang by the fire.

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Date & Time: 
22 Dec - 18:00
Slippery Edge


Slippery Edge's Christmas Chalet
Nicolaas Maesstraat 130
1071 RH Amsterdam
Bag Drop: