AMS #1279 - Shop til you Drop Prom Dress Shopping Run

On Sunday, May 27th, Tuna Melt and Best Before will sponsor the first ever AMS Prom Dress Run. This is your chance to put on your best prom dress (any color will do, not just red!) and show your stuff in Amsterdam.

Do you have a dress? Probably not! SOOOOO... this week's run is your chance to BUY one!

I will set a run in Amsterdam that promises to bring you to at least two excellent shops where you can find your very own prom dress at a very attractive price (NOTE: there's no better way to feel like a virgin again than to slip into a nice prom dress!).

With dress in hand, you will have one full week to accessorize before getting all dolled up for the run.

Fashion experts will be on hand to advise you on the best dress to buy (e.g. are you a Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Our fashion consultant will help you choose!).

See you in the dressing room!

On On!



Run Number: 1279
Theme: Shop 'til you Drop - Buy your Prom Dress on this run
Location: Titty Licker & Blue Nun's House
Churchill-laan 27 A3, Amsterdam 1078 DD
Run Fee: €5
Bag Drop: Yes
NOTE: Bring some extra cash on the run to buy your Prom Dress!

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
20 May - 15:00


Titty Licker & Blue Nun's House
Churchill-laan 27 A3
1078 DD Amsterdam
Bag Drop: