AMS #1273 - Harlots in Haarlem - HARRIETTE RUN

Our most recently anointed Harriette, Don-A-Handful (formerly Just Ashley) will be hosting us for our first true Amsterdam Harriette run - "Harlots in Haarlem". The rules... ah, no... guidelines for a proper Harriette run are that the ladies solve ALL of the checks with the men playing a supporting role. Meeting place is Haarlem Centraal station @1500, just a quick jaunt from AMS Centraal. Guys, you don't have to wear dresses, but if you want to qualify to solve a check or two, you have to wear lipstick and blush (mascara is optional).

Hope to see lots of Harlots and Harriers there!



Location: Haarlem Centraal Station
Time: 1500
Date: Sunday, 4 March
Bag Drop: Yes

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
04 Mar - 15:00
Don-a-Handful and Mystery Hare


Haarlem Centraal Station
Stationsplein 11 L
2011 LR Haarlem
Bag Drop: