AMS #1272 - Trumpageddon #1 - US President's Day Run

Celebrate US President's Day in style with the Amsterdam Hash House Harriers. Come out to Hash and bring your best "comb-over". You can dress like our current "President" or choose from one of the other 44 Presidents in US History. At the On-In, we'll be running a little competition.... You will have 2 minutes to do you best Presidential impression explaining why as the US President you either love the Hash or why you want to get the crowds chanting "Lock Hare Up!". The run will start and end at Liver Dance and Olympric Ring's house: Hildo Kropplein 73, Amsterdam. Thank you so much for giving us a place to end we we won't freeze our titties off, Liver & Olympric!

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
18 Feb - 15:00
Joe Dirt & Do Me Moore


Liver Dance and Olympric Rings house
Hildo Kropplein 73
1019 EG Amsterdam
Bag Drop: