AH3 #1300 + AGM!

The "Witching Hour" is here... it's the 1300th run (is that bad luck multiplied by 100?) and also our AGM (Annual General Meeting). This is your "lucky chance" to "vote the bastards out of office" and pick a new Mismanagement Team or roll over and keep the old ones safely in place.

This day will start with a run, include a quick AGM meeting and election of Hash leaders and then culminate with a PARTY!!! We hope to find a way to get some DANCING in if we can manage it. :-)

Join us an enjoy this fun event!

OnOn! Opee


Date: 2 Dec
Time: 1500
Hare: Strobe My Balls
Location: Slippery Edge's House
Address: 1071 RH Amsterdam, Nederland
Run Fee: €5.00
RSVP: Please, either using Facebook or to ra [at] harrier.nl
Theme: AGM
Bag Drop: Yes

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
02 Dec - 15:00


Slippery Edge's House
Nicolaas Maesstraat 130
1071 RH 1071 RH Amsterdam
Bag Drop: