AH3 #1299: Bye Bye "Pre-Teens" Run

Folks, this is the last run of the AH3's "Pre-teen years"! In just two weeks, our fair Hash will be turning thirteen (hundred). So let's celebrate and dress like the children that we really are (or at least like we normally act). Following this run you are welcome to join the FILTH on a pub crawl through the historic de Pijp district.

Opee and a Co-Hare will lead the pack.

Put on your acne cream, your finest pre-teen clothes and adopt the attitude of a spoiled child for this run (and, yes, puberty is just around the corner!)

Party like it's 1999 (or at least 1299) because our next event will be the 1300th!



Run #: AH3 1299
Date: Sat 24 Nov
Time: 1500
Location: Lijnbaansgracht 373 A, Amsterdam 1017 XB
(NOTE: The location is for bag drop and pee breaks only, we will be circling up in a nearby park)
Hare: Opee & Jesus Hickie Christ (VIRGIN LAY!)
RSVP: Please, vis Facebook or to ra [at] harrier.nl
Bag Drop: Yes

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
24 Nov - 15:00
Opee and Jesus Hickie Christ


Excremental Earning and Missing Link's house
Lijnbaansgracht 373 A
1017 XB Amsterdam
Bag Drop: