AH3 #1292: Earth, Wind and Fire Run

Dancing in September! Dress with some orange, brown, yellow, red, and think falling leaves, great r*nning weather and FUNK!

Hare: Nasty Shitonya
Date: Sunday 16 September
Time: 15:00
Loc: Orteliusstraat 299-1 (1 = first floor not ground floor, there's N. Cloutier on the door)
Hash Cash: €5
Bag Drop: yes

RSVP: This FB event or by e-mail to ra [at] harrier.nl

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
16 Sep - 15:00
Nasty Shitonya


Nasty's house
Orteliusstraat 299-1
1056 NX Amseterdam
Bag Drop: