AH3 #1284 - The X Hash (SATURDAY RUN)

Poke around a little on the deep (and dark) web and you will find what true conspiracy theorists have known for decades... Area 51 was just a clever US ruse. The true alien invasion happened right here in The Netherlands in Utrecht, but the US authorities didn't want anyone to find out so they created Area 51 as a decoy. Our Hare, Krusty Tip knows the truth, but not the whole truth and he wants you to help uncover the rest of this alien mystery on Saturday, July 21st starting on the front steps of the Inktpot in Utrecht.

If you are inspired, wear something "spacy" that will attract aliens (they seem to like tin foil a lot!).

So come out and join Krusty Tip for "The X Hash". Details below... and as Mulder and Sculley would tell you, "The beer is out there!".

On On!



Run#: 1284
Date: Saturday 21st July 2018 . (NOTE: SATURDAY RUN)
Time: 3pm
Cost: €5
Hare: Krusty Tip
Location: Front stairs of the Inktpot

Instructions: Take the exit in Utrecht Centraal station to the mall (Hoog Catarijne), go to the right once inside the mall and follow the signs for Moreelsepark. Once you exit the mall past the restaurant called Hagenouw, head straight ahead. The Inktpot will be about a block and to the right. It's hard to miss, there's a great big flying saucer sticking out the side.

Bag Drop Most likely, yes... still working on it. If you plan to drive, please let us know so we can use your car.

Public Transport:
Utrecht Centraal is one stop from about anywhere in NLD! Easy, easy to get there! Then, it's a 5 minute walk from the station.

R*n Number: 
Date & Time: 
21 Jul - 15:00
Krusty Tip


Front steps of the Inktpot
Moreelsepark, 35
3511 EP. Utrecht
Bag Drop: